We’re sure you’ll have a few questions, here’s a list of the most common things we are asked about staying in our holiday homes at the bay.

How do I book?

You can call direct or book online it's totally up to you. Booking direct means you are talking to a team that lives and breathes The Bay rather than a call centre.

Where is it?

Ok first things first... The Bay, Filey is situated just outside Filey on the North Yorkshire Coast. Click the icon to see where we are and get directions too.

There are 23 different styles of holiday cottages at The Bay and over 150 properties available to you in various parts of this stunning holiday park.

Your Questions Answered.

What is The Bay? I can't work it out?

The Bay is a Holiday Village with over 400 homes built. There are 23 high specification property types ranging from 1 bed apartments, 2, 3 and 4 bed cottages and beach houses. Over 155 of the properties in all locations throughout the village are available for letting through us (The Owners of The Bay - Essential Vivendi Ltd) as well as other letting agents on the internet.

Is The Bay actually a Holiday Park?

Yes definitely, the whole experience we offer from checking in and being looked after is very similar to a hotel stay when staying in one of our 150+ properties. The team are always there to cater for all our guests and with everything onsite run and owned by the same company makes for a seamless experience.

What if I book with a private owner property I found on the net, what's different?

Great, we hope you have a great time and you are impressed with The Bay. The biggest difference booking with us over private is that we have greater ability to look after you ensuring you are totally happy with your holiday accomodation, it's cleanliness, location and have the ability and resources and staff to ensure you come away from The Bay smiling.

Why can I only book to stay from a friday, saturday or a monday?

The Bay's holiday lettings is a pretty big task with so many properties in our letting pool. Check in day's are constructed in such a way to coordinate with popular periods i.e short weekend breaks and weekly stays as well as housekeeping so every single property is brought up to our award winning standard before any new guests arrive.

Is The Bay open all year round?

The holiday village is open throughout the year, however some of the facilities on site are closed on some days such as Christmas Day apart from the pub. For specific details about opening times and the facilities available please get in touch or speak to one of our advisors in reception or checkout the details on the sites pages.

How far is it to the beach?

The beach is a short 5 minute walk down the beach road down through the meadows. You can see the proximity on the map here. As from October 2014 it is no longer possible to drive down to the beach unfortunately, but once you have seen how close it is in real life, you will realise that it really is not that far at all and a lovely walk to enjoy.

What's this security deposit I don't know anything about?

We get a lot of people who do not realise this is needed although on the Hoseaseason booking page checkout it does clearly state in a big red box that says "There is a £100 key/breakages deposit payable on arrival by either debit or credit card".

If you book direct you will have been advised in the call you have had. On check in we will always require this £100 bond via a simple credit/debit card pre auth transaction which is classed as a key and damage deposit.

No money leaves your account as it simply puts a hold on the amount and is released once you leave the site. This bond is no different to a hotel taking a swipe of your card on arrival or no different to booking any self catering accomodation holiday cottage elsewhere.

The bond is basically to cover any damage, breakages or loss of keys which may result during your stay. Do not worry though as any case has it's merits and accidents do happen but we are human so really unless we find malicious use of a property and it's contents you should not have anything to worry about.

Please note that this deposit cannot be made by cash under any circumstances however you can check in online where we handle this with a token that does not tie up any funds.

Can I check in online?

Yes definitely. In August 2016 we launched an Express check-in system that saves time enabling you to simply get your keys and go plus help organise your holiday. You will be able to view your property location, access your booking details and much more. In your dashboard you will find a wealth of information to prepare you for your stay. Find out anything from what kitchen utencils you will have to where the local tesco's is.

With online check in we can now alleviate the original method of proccessing key and damage deposits and simply pass through this process tokenising your bond without having to hold anything but your authorisation.

A charge will not be placed on your card nor does it mean we have held any of your available funds. After you checkout and your property has been checked the authorisation will be no longer in effect. As no funds go anywhere and nothing is held it means you can get this out of the way days/weeks/months before you arrive.

Click here to register for online checkin.

Are dogs allowed all year round?

Yes, dogs are allowed on site. We encourage owners to be responsible with their dog by keeping it on a lead whilst around the holiday village and cleaning up after it using the dedicated waste points provided.

Are dogs allowed in the pub?

Yes, dogs are allowed in certain areas of the pub. We do encourage owners to be responsible with their dog by keeping it on a lead whilst around the holiday village.

I have a pet allergy, How will I get a home that has not had pets in it?

Our letting pool has a strict rule that properties either take or do not take pets. A pet free unit means that there has never been any animal in the property during it's use.

Are the facilities open all year round?

Most of the facilities are open throughout the year, however some are closed on days such as Christmas Day. The leisure complex offers a different timetable of activities during the peak and off peak periods. More details about all the facilities in the holiday village can be found in the sales office.

How come google earth shows The Bay as a very sparse building site?

Google earth is very much out of date for the filey area and even using Apple's iPhone maps you will see a more updated view although not current still. If you go to google maps and choose street view you can see right into the site which was done sometime in 2016.

All the images featured on our website have been taken by our in-house web & media team who have put this site together to show what The Bay is really like.

Is there any building work going on?

No. The Bay is finished so there is no more building work.

Will my holiday home have a sea view?

Strictly speaking only the properties on our front row in the Hamptons have the full benefit of a sea view but only one Dartmouth deluxe and two of the Howkers are part of the letting pool so unless you book those you will not have what you would call a sea view property. The sea can be seen on the horizon from properties right up and down the site from bedroom windows however but are not exactly classed as a sea view.

Should I book with Hoseasons?

Yes, of course. Hoseasons are one of the UK's leading holiday providers. They are members of ABTA so you can expect high service standards, fair terms of trading and accurate information. Their strict joining criteria for Members, code of conduct, customer helpline and complaints resolution scheme are all there to give you confidence and peace of mind when booking your travel arrangements plus all holidays sold by Members in the UK are financially protected so that if the travel company fails, you’ll be able to continue your holiday as planned or get your money back.

How do I know where my cottage will be?

If you book through Hoseasons online you will have your accomodation picked by their system unless you call them but do not worry as all the properties are fantastic. However, if you want more of an informed choice you can speak to our booking team by calling The Bay direct on 01723 518 130 as they can help you get what you want. There is no difference in pricing as we set their price. The only advantage is we know the site and the properties.

Are all the homes the same inside?

All the cottages and beach houses in the letting pool comply with regulations on what has to be in them for guests to use and the furnishings are chosen by the owners at purchase. There is quite a range of styles provided at purchase which you will see on the sales pages throughout this website and many of these properties are actually the homes you can stay in. The colours and style of rooms and furniture is all produced by our interior design team who produce fantastic spaces for guests to enjoy.

I want the same one as I had last time?

No problem just call our direct line and let them look you up and they can book it for you.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Well, you will need a credit or debit card that can cover the £100 key and damage deposit you will need to check in with but as a rule not much else. We always advise guests that what we provide certain complimentary items such as one or two dishwasher tablets and fresh toilets rolls for each toilet in your property but after these are depleted then you will have to provide your own. We do not provide tea towels or any kind of cleaning products due to the nature of such items being difficult to manage between stays and certain regulations on COSHH which is the law that requires the control of substances that are hazardous to health which cleaning product fall under.

Why do I need a pre-call before my holiday

Currenty we call every guest staying at The Bay partly because many of the bookings are taken through our partners at Hoseasons. We are not privy to the details we need to check you in onsite until you turn up so thus need to inform you of our security deposit policy, our check in times and to obtain the details of the vehicle that will be visiting the park so we have the record for our security. We also can offer you an early check in and late check out which may suit your travelling/holiday arrangements better. As we do not have your email address to send you this info or simple stuff like your property location map, the result is that we have to call usually 2 weeks before your holiday to let you know things you may not know such as what to bring and what you won't need to bring. If you did not have this call you may possibly arrive early not knowing you could not get into your holiday home till 5pm and may be very dissapointed. When you arrive at The Bay we want you to avoid a lengthy checkin procedure so will be changing our procedure into an online one within the next few weeks so we can cut down this time and the resulting queue it causes.

Why do I need to provide my car details in a pre-call

When staying at the bay we have 24 hour 7 day security who ensure the full peace of mind for our guests and owners. We do need to know who is onsite at all times in the event of anything from a car that is parked blocking another guests access right down to being able to provide details for authorities/insurance purposes if incedents on site require them.

Please note that we do not give out any information about guests onsite unless lawfully required to do so. We do not entertain telephone calls looking for guests or people turning up in reception looking for people and realise if they do not have the knowledge of your contact number then chances are they are not at The Bay to join you for your holiday. Just as workplaces do not give employees details out neither do we and we do not give our database to anybody.

Where will I park my car and what if there is more than one in our party?

Depending on which type of property you have booked will dictate whether it has a driveway or car park area associated with it. Please refer to the details found within the property features on the booking page. You will never be further than 20m - 50m away from your car if your property does not have a driveway and you can of course drive up to your property then park your car. Car parking for your property unit number will be marked on your map when obtained as will car passes.

If I book direct, do I pay all at once or in bits?

If you book and your holiday is more than 8 weeks away we take a non refundable £100 deposit for your holiday by card payment and then the balance of the holiday becomes due when the holiday is 8 weeks away. If you book to stay and the holiday is less than 8 weeks away we will ask for the full balance for the holiday on the day of booking.

If I book direct, what if I need to cancel or change my holiday?

Please be advised that any changes you make to your booking are subject to a £24.00 administration fee. The Bay, Filey’s cancellation policy is as below:

Period Before Arrival Date Cancellation Charges
More than 56 days 0%+
43-56 days 50%+
29-42 days 50%+
8-28 days 90%+
7 Days or less 100%

What if I need to move my holiday?

If you have booked direct with The Bay please call reception on 01723 518 130. If you are a Hoseasons customer please refer to the original booking details you were supplied with in order to contact them.

Please be advised that any changes you make to your booking could be subject to a £24.00 administration fee if booked through The Bay directly.

What if I need to pay the balance of my holiday?

If you have booked direct with The Bay please call reception on 01723 518 130. If you are a Hoseasons customer please refer to the original booking details you were supplied with in order to contact them.

What if I wish to extend my holiday?

If you have booked direct with The Bay please call reception on 01723 518 130. If you are a Hoseasons customer please refer to the original booking details you were supplied with in order to contact them.

If you are staying onsite and wish to stay longer then you would be effectively just booking another holiday and not leaving the accomodation you are in unless of course the accomdation is booked by someone else on your original checkout day. This can be done in reception when you are onsite simply but would be dependant on the properties schedule at that time and period of availability.

I have a pet allergy, How will I get a home that has not had pets in it?

Our letting pool has a strict rule that properties either take or do not take pets. A pet free unit means that there has never been any animal in the property during it's use.

Do you have travel cots and high chairs?

Yes, on booking you can choose these items in your holiday package. See the booking page for prices.

Do you supply baby gates?

Unfortunately not.

Don't Hoseasons own The Bay?

No not all. Hoseasons are simply a travel agent.

Is there any wifi at The Bay?

There is free public wifi in the John Paul jones Public House and the Leisure Complex but as all the properties are individually owned not all the owners properties have wifi in them. Please check with reception when enquiring about booking your holiday as they will be able to advise you which properties in the letting pool do have wifi.

Can we use the pool and the gym?

Yes of course. Everybody who stays has the pool & gym pass for the property they are staying in which entitles the guest of that property entry to the facility by way of a pre coded swipe card. Please remember to bring your own towels to the pool as they are not provided.

What's in the house for cooking etc?

You will find a full compliment of kitchen utencils in the property as per the list below:

  • Baking Tray
  • Bowls
  • Cafetiere
  • Casserole Set
  • Chopping Board
  • Colander
  • Corkscrew
  • Dessert Spoons
  • Dinner Plates
  • Flat Grater
  • Forks
  • Frying pan
  • Hairdryer
  • Iron
  • Ironing Board
  • Kettle
  • Knives
  • Knife block
  • Ladle
  • Lasagne Dish
  • Measuring Jug
  • Milk Jug
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Peeler
  • Pint Glasses
  • Roasting Tray
  • Rolling pin
  • Saucepan (20cm)
  • Scissors
  • Side Plates
  • Sieve
  • Stock pot
  • Sugar bowl
  • Tea Spoons
  • Teapot
  • Tin Opener
  • Toaster
  • Whisk
  • White Mugs
  • Wine Glasses
  • Wooden Spoon

Is there a post box?

Unfortunately not but we do go to the local post every night at 5pm in filey and are able to drop your postcards and letter in when we go. There are postboxes in filey and the nearby villages of Hummanby and Muston which are a short drive from the bay.

Can we bring our bicycles?

Yes indeed, however if you want to travel lightly you can hire bicycles from the Leisure Centre. Please see here for more details.

Can we bring a quad bike?

No unfortunately not due to insurance reasons I'm afraid.

Do I need a fishing licence for the lake?

Yes, the lake operates under the national governing body for fishing and has a charge of £5 per day for fishing.

Are the activities like sea scooters free?

Unfortunately not. Please see here for full details on activities and prices.

I'm local to The Bay, can I use the leisure centre and the pub?

Yes of course. All the facilities at The Bay are open to the public.

Where can I get groceries? Is there a shop onsite?

Although there is no actual shop on the park there is a local mini mart within walking distance or 2 minutes drive so for most people staying at The Bay is no different to home in this respect. See below for where the local tesco is.

Can I get tesco to deliver to The Bay?

Yes of course you can. You can find Tesco here. Call them direct on 0845 026 9638 or visit them online here.

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